Want to Surprise your love for your proposal?

This will blow her away!


You may give a lot of gifts to your love but a custom love song about your unique journey together is the kind of gift that will live on forever.

"Right Up There with my photography"

Music is one of the strongest tools to create a memory.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

I have never had an unsatisfied customer. If you are the first, I will give you your money back!

Kara H. 


"It's a way you can express yourself to your significant other and put your words into music in a way I could never do myself... It just makes it really special. Thank you, Chelsea!"

Let me write the song that will encompass


David h.


A lot of couples have "a song" but it's really just someone else's song that they just really like... but this is actually OUR SONG!

The Process


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On The Call...

We will discuss your event date, your favorite genre, and your full vision for the song. 

I write every song from scratch with custom lyrics and melodies all inspired by your story. Then, I bring in my award winning team to produce a movie quality song just for you!


The Final Reveal

Get a song written for, and inspired by, your unique love story. It's sure to create an experience no one will ever forget!

Chelsea's Team

The Highest in Soundtrack Quality

L.A., NASHVILLE, and Beyond

This is not a "jingle" or a "fill in the blank" stock song that I throw your way. As cheesy as it may sound, my team wants to help create a time machine of emotion. So, every time you listen to it, you will be transported back to this moment. You'll see your love's smile and be able to relive the most tender moments of your relationship over and over again. 

I work with you, one on one, to create the musical frame that is completely inspired by your love story. Then, I bring in amazing full-time studio musicians to record all the tracks and make your song really live. After that, an award winning producer puts the final touches on it. 

By the time it is done with mixing and mastering, this song will be as professional as anything you'd hear on the radio or on the soundtrack of a movie. So good, I'll release it on all music streaming services.

Imagine date night, years from now... you call out to your smart speaker of choice, dim the lights, and dance with your love to YOUR song; bringing back those feelings of this beautiful occasion. To me, that's priceless.

-Chelsea Robson

"One of the BEST things we've ever invested in!"

-Andrew G.

You are fully protected by a 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't feel like your song is at the quality we promise, you can get a full refund.

Surprise them with a Live Performance

She was fantastic! She wrote a custom song for our proposal that had me crying before I knew what was happening.

She played along so well with my fiancé’s plan - I had no idea it was a set up until I saw the ring.

She was so sweet and professional. We are going to try to hire her for our reception.


The Surprised Girlfriend Now Fiancé

Scott M. - Great song for my event!

I met Chelsea randomly and I am sure glad I did! She told me what she did and I had been thinking of adding an original theme song to my upcoming event. It was a pretty specialized request but she was able to pull it off in spades! She even came and performed at the event. We loved her set but everyone's eyes went wide when they heard the song she had written for us! It was perfect!

Chris - A Gift for Valentine's


Hey Chelsea,

Hawaii was great, and the song was even better. After I gave it, we talked at length about the song, each word and verse, and the meanings. What's interesting is that you had things in there that we didn't discuss that were meaningful (such as the part about steel drums -- we searched high and low to find a steel drummer for our beach wedding). Overall, it couldn't have been better!

Thanks again! I can't think of a better gift for someone.

Paul C. - Best wedding gift I could give my daughter!

I had Chelsea help me with writing an original song for my daughter's wedding. I really wanted it to be special. We talked and I answered her questions. In a couple days she came back with something that I really feel was amazing. Thank you Chelsea!

About Love Songs By Chelsea

Chelsea creates custom, broadcast quality, songs about love, hope, and overcoming obstacles for your special occasion.

She’s a classically trained vocal artist & songwriter. She went to school for Recording Engineering, speaks and sings in 3 languages, and has had songs used in national brand advertising.

She is a true romantic and optimist with a talent to organize other people's thoughts, as well as her own, to create moving pieces of art that elevate film and stages. Her other hobbies include traveling, watching movies, spending time with her family, and playing with her cute dog, Montana. 

She's never had a customer who was unsatisfied with her team's work. If you are the first, she'll give you 100% of your money back!