How to Write a Song for a Memorial

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Upgrade to Premium "Hook Theory" to be able to change up the band or style and export your song in multiple forms. I became an affiliate with them because of how useful it was for me. If you want to keep practicing your skills, this will help. You can go month to month or save money and buy longer periods of time, even up to a lifetime license.

Need help with your song? I am available for 60 minute audit sessions to help you better organize your final project and take it to the next level. $100 for each 60 minute session.

Would you like me to sing the song for you? Get a sit down consultation and a professional vocal recording of your song. You can play this song at whatever your event may be. $500 

Would you like your song to be recorded and produced by one of the top L.A. producers in the business? 

This package includes a musical consultation where we will offer any help you may need to finish or enhance the song. Then a full studio recording with real musicians then produced, mixed, and mastered to radio quality. 

The normal price for a "written for you" custom song is $3500 but because you completed this course,  it is only $2,500!

Payment Plans available!

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Course Structure

6 Lessons

Memorial Song


Beginning with the end in mind...

Brain Storm

Questions to get your thoughts started.

Song Map

Writing a song can be whatever you want it to be. This is a tool that I have used to help me organize my thoughts and ideas quickly so that when I go to the music, I know what the purpose of each section should be.

Hook Theory Intro

This is the place where most people who don't have a musical background get stuck. Don't be afraid! If you can count to 8, you can write a song. You just need the right tools.

The Music Template

Walking you through your first song.

Finishing Your Song

How to Export the music from Hook Pad

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