How to Write a Song for a Memorial

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If you can count to 8, you can write a song!

Learn how to write a song, today! This course contains prepared documents and tools that will help you write a song to honor someone you love. This course will take you through 5 steps in creating a song from brainstorming topics, mapping out verses and choruses and pairing them with a musical template that can be adjusted to fit your tastes. 


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Course Structure

6 Lessons

Memorial Song


Beginning with the end in mind...

Brain Storm

Questions to get your thoughts started.

Song Map

Writing a song can be whatever you want it to be. This is a tool that I have used to help me organize my thoughts and ideas quickly so that when I go to the music, I know what the purpose of each section should be.

Hook Theory Intro

This is the place where most people who don't have a musical background get stuck. Don't be afraid! If you can count to 8, you can write a song. You just need the right tools.

The Music Template

Walking you through your first song.

Finishing Your Song

How to Export the music from Hook Pad

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